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Illustrated Guide to Chemical Peels

Illustrated Guide To Chemical Peels

Illustrated Guide to Chemical Peels

Baskı Tarihi2014
Sayfa Sayısı265
Teslim Süresi4-6 Hafta
YazarMark G. RUBIN
4 Bu ürün 1227 kez incelendi.
1,822.28 TL
Kargo Bedava
Ürün BilgileriYorumlarSoru ve Cevap

A new title in the "Aesthetic Methods for Skin Rejuvenation Series". Written by a team of internationally renowned authors, this book provides a practical and unique, step by step introduction to chemical peels with the help of 306 outstanding didactic photos and anatomical graphics. Starting with basic current knowledge, this book provides the information needed for a successful peel, be it superficial, medium-depth or deep. This book combines experiences compiled internationally over several decades with those gathered by the authors themselves. Authentic, photographically documented histories of selected cases provide an impression of the efficacy and lasting results of this treatment method.

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