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Illustrated Atlas of Esthetic Mesotherapy

Illustrated Atlas Of Esthetic Mesotherapy

Illustrated Atlas of Esthetic Mesotherapy

Baskı Tarihi2012
Sayfa Sayısı138
Teslim Süresi4-6 Hafta
YazarBritta KNOLL
5 Bu ürün 1175 kez incelendi.
1,453.37 TL
Kargo Bedava
Ürün BilgileriYorumlarSoru ve Cevap

Mesotherapy is a simple and effective method of esthetic treatment involving targeted microinjections of medicinal substances into the skin and connective tissues. This atlas offers an essential introduction to the practice of esthetic mesotherapy and arms clinicians with what they need to know to get started, such as descriptions of the active substances, injection techniques, side effects, and effective methods for consultation and case documentation. Treatment sequencing is detailed for the most common therapeutic applications, including skin rejuvenation (mesolift), preventive skin toning (mesoglow), treatment combined with injections of botulinum toxin (mesobotox), hair loss treatment (mesohair), cellulite treatment, treatment of local fat pads (lypolysis), and other dermatological indications. The clinical illustrations provide detailed step-by-step instruction, and the inclusion of case histories confirms the benefits and efficacy of this esthetic therapy.

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