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Human Gross Anatomy

Human Gross Anatomy

Human Gross Anatomy

Baskı Tarihi2015
Sayfa Sayısı644
Teslim Süresi4-6 Hafta
YazarAnthony B. OLINGER
5 Bu ürün 575 kez incelendi.
704.30 TL
Kargo Bedava
Ürün BilgileriYorumlarSoru ve Cevap

Detailed enough for use as an atlas and concise enough for efficient review, Human Gross Anatomy provides concentrated coverage of anatomy that promotes learning rather than rote memorization. Clear, high quality cadaveric photographs and explanatory diagrams are presented side by side with bulleted explanations to help students develop a true understanding of anatomical structures.
Addressing current curriculum trends with a systemic approach--while maintaining the regional approach used in dissection labs--this practical, user-friendly text highlights important muscle information through “Action Boxes” and uses color-coded labels for origin, insertion, and innervation. Human Gross Anatomy is ideal for anatomy students in medical, osteopathic, dental, physical therapy, chiropractic, physician assistant, and nurse practitioner programs.

Atlas images combine with bulleted text to promote learning versus rote memorization
High quality cadaveric photographs show dissections that students can achieve, supporting visual understanding
Systems approach presented within each regional chapter to align with a range of curricula
Muscle information highlighted in “action boxes” with color coding for origin, insertion, innervation
Helpful Notes and Clinical Notes put images in context
Extensive osteology coverage enhances student understanding of this subdiscipline
Available with interactive eBook at no additional cost

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