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Cupping Therapy For Bodyworkers A Practical Manual

Cupping Therapy For Bodyworkers: A Practical Manual

Cupping Therapy For Bodyworkers A Practical Manual

Baskı Tarihi2018
Sayfa Sayısı111
Teslim SüresiHemen Teslim
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Preface ~ 9 

1 A Brief History of Cupping ~ 11 

2 The Mechanics of Cupping Therapy ~ 14 

3 Choosing the Right Cupping Equipment ~ 22

4 Cupping Therapy Techniques ~ 27

5 Cupping Application Variations ~ 31 

6 What to Anticipate During Cupping Therapy ~ 37

7 Cupping Therapy for Athletes ~ 40 

8 Cosmetic Cupping Therapy ~ 70

9 Self-Cupping Massage ~ 98 

10 How Safe is Cupping Therapy? ~ 104 

11 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – 107

12 Reality and Myth ~ 111



"Chirali is a fountain of knowledge within the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and here he has introduced and brought the techniques and benefits of cupping therapy to sports physiotherapists such as myself.


Alastair Thrush, Head of Medical Services, Charlton Athletic Football Club


'[This book] gives a practical and concise understanding of the wonders of cupping for the practitioner who wishes to fine-tune their techniques in this amazing healing modality.'

- Marie Reynolds, Noetic Therapist and Facialist

'The wisdom shared in this book provides the necessary practical and theoretical knowledge for safe and effective cupping application. As a regular cupping therapy receiver myself, I know only too well the benefits it gives me before and after I run!'

- Asim Dilaver, Sports Teacher and Trainer

Cupping therapy is a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) technique that has been used for thousands of years as a highly effective treatment for a variety of conditions, including skin conditions and musculoskeletal complaints. Many bodyworkers are very interested in learning about how to use cupping therapy within their own specialties, and this book is for them.

Drawing on 40 years of expertise, Ilkay Chirali provides a wealth of information on cupping for those without TCM knowledge, covering safety information, equipment and the different variations of cupping and their best uses. Beautifully illustrated with over 120 full-colour photos, it empowers physiotherapists, massage therapists, sports medicine professionals and beauty therapists to add cupping therapy to their toolbox of techniques.

Ilkay Zihni Chirali has practised cupping therapy for almost 40 years, and has taught at many schools of Traditional Chinese Medicine around the world. He lives in Kent, UK."

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